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613 - Since the beginning of time, in times of trouble, loneliness, worry or deep contemplation, men and women have pondered the deep questions of life.. Many people have heard of the 10 Commandments and recognize the importance of some of them, like the laws against murder and stealing. But other laws in the Bible are less well known or appreciated. Do the biblical laws apply to us? Do the other laws of the Bible apply to Christians today?. The physical laws that govern our universe are constant, unchanging and essential for life—but the unseen spiritual laws are just as important..

Were God’s 10 Commandments abolished in the New Testament? Or does the New Testament continue to teach and uphold all 10 Commandments? Most people acknowledge that Christians should obey most of the 10 Commandments, including those that prohibit worshipping other. The law of God was given for our benefit and shows us how to become more like God. What should Christians learn from the various types of biblical law?. The First Commandment is recorded in Exodus 20:3: “You shall have no other gods before Me.” It tells us to put God first..

Did God reveal His laws from the beginning, or were the 10 Commandments unknown until Moses led Israel to Mount Sinai? God's 10 Commandments were in effect from the beginning of creation, including in the Garden of Eden. Many people are aware that God gave the 10 Commandments to the nation of. Subscribe to Insights. Subscribe now to Insights Into the Meaning of Life posts. Priceless, meaningful answers, sent to your email free of charge!.

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